Perchè la scienza del Dott. Alimonti è differente?

Il Dottor ALimonti ha pubblicato i risultati dei suoi studi sul potente effetto anti-invecchiamento della Salvia Haenkei nel numero di Dicembre 2016 della rivista medico scientifica statunitense Aging: Identification of Salvia haenkei as gerosuppressant agent by using an integrated senescence‐screening assay“The most potent of these hits was an extract of Salvia haenkei (SH) a member of the family of Salvias, native of Bolivia. SH decreased senescence by 50%…” 

Real science, including anti-aging science, stems from international collaborative efforts that involve the best laboratories at key universities around the world: True advances in anti-aging science are published by peer-reviewed scientific journals, just like the US scientific medical journal Aging. Dr. Alimonti is the leading scientist on the cutting edge of anti-aging medicine. While many skincare companies promote scientific evidence for their anti-aging claims, the truth is that most research done by mainstream cosmetic industry is based on synthetic additives for texture and fragrance, with no scientific weight. 

What are Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS)? 

Dr. Alimonti discovered that certain plant extracts, named Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS), can prolong the lifespan of human cells by inhibiting cellular senescence. In other words, these plants and their natural extracts significantly slow the aging process. In the case of salvia haenkei (prawn sage) aging slowed by 50%. Active principles are extracted from plants with 100% natural methods—by infusion in organic extra-virgin olive oil, extraction in 100% vegetable organic glycerin, and through steam extraction. This is why our active principles are NIS: they are natural extracts from 100% certified organic ingredients.

The most powerful among all NIS is the extract of salvia haenkei, also known as prawn sage, a key patented ingredient present in all Bottega Organica products.

Why is it important to use natural/organic skincare products? 

Bottega Organica products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, always naturally extracted (steam extraction or infusion in our certified organic olive oil and soy glycerin). Over 60% of what we apply to our skin is potentially absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why at Bottega Organica we absolutely avoid all synthetic ingredients. Anything you apply to your skin enters your body, and year after year, harmful synthetic substances damage your organs, including your skin. Most people are careful about what they eat – there is a natural tendency towards organic food, avoiding synthetic and potentially toxic ingredients, such as preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring agents, and of course foods contaminated with pesticides – we must be just as careful with what we apply to our skin.  Apply the same standards you already use for your groceries: request 100% certified organic ingredients for your skincare products, there is really no reason to settle for less.

The January 28, 2015 PLOS ONE article on the effects of additives commonly used by mainstream cosmetic industry showed that these ingredients induce early menopause: in a tragic paradox, women are sold anti-aging products that not only don’t work but actually accelerate aging with all of its related consequences on the skin, bones, heart. While no one should be exposed to toxins, this elementary precaution is even more relevant for expecting and nursing mothers.

How do I use Bottega Organica products?

Although the general preference is to use serums and mists during the day and oils or balms at night, all products can be used day or night and layered, lighter products first. We recommend you to wash with warm water and our cleansing oil, hydrate with a mist, give yourself an anti-aging boost with a serum, and finally, nourish your skin with a facial oil, balm or serum. If you have any specific questions about usage, please send us an email at All our products are suitable for all skin types.  

Are your facial oils suitable for oily skin?

Absolutely. Our facial oils help cleanse and then regulate pore-clogging sebum, the skin congesting opponent to clear skin. After continued use for 1-2 weeks, the skin's production of sebum will down-regulate and excessively oily skin will improve. Our olive oil-based products (oils, balms, scrubs and serums) deliver moisture and radiance without residue, giving the skin that lit-from-within warmth and radiant glow.

Why is olive oil good for my skin?

Aside from effectively and safely delivering Natural Inhibitors of Senescence deep across skin layers, olive oil is extremely rich in unique anti-aging ingredients (such as polyphenols, alpha-tocopherols, oleocanthal) and can immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Olive oil has been used for skincare for thousands of years, until adulterated industrial olive oils, ineffective and potentially damaging for the skin, invaded global markets. While a very rare find, pure Ligurian olive oil from Monocultivar Taggiasca is the most effective rejuvenating skincare oil. At Bottega Organica, we produce our own olive oil to ensure its absolute purity. Learn Bottega Organica extra-virgin olive oil facts here.

Can you explain the price point of your products?

The price point is related to two main aspects: 1) A very rigorous production process that involves top quality ingredients, many sourced from our farm in Liguria, Italy, and an extremely curated formulation, in the absolute absence of synthetic additives or preservatives and 2) The ongoing collaborative top-notch university-level research that ensures state-of-the-art anti-aging natural activity in every product. 

What makes Bottega Organica different from other organic product lines?

  • Bottega Organica is the only skincare brand with 100% certified organic and 100% natural ingredients and no synthetics 
  • Our 100% natural formulas are made with the purest ingredients enriched with Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS). Skin exposure to NIS increases the lifespan of human cells by 50% or more and maintains the skin in a youthful state: our serums, oils, balms, mists and scrubs all contain NIS.
  • We choose to limit the number of ingredients in our products, favoring science, effectiveness and natural purity. All ingredients are certified organic and key ingredients are harvested in our organic farms. 
  • Our products are free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, flavors or preservatives. Our products are 100% vegetarian and organic. We never use synthetic ingredients.

Do any of your products provide sun protection?

Our products do not contain sunscreen ingredients. Our products are best used to help your cells repair the skin from damages produced by environmental factors, including UVA and UVB rays. Seek the shade during those warm hours!

What if I have a reaction to a product?

There may be occasional cases of intolerance or true allergy to any of the ingredients, including plants, fruits and the essential oil components. In our experience, reactions have occurred in less than 1% of users and all have been mild and resolved completely without treatment. Always check the ingredient list beforehand to see if there are any plants or fruits that you may be allergic to, as you would do before eating the same ingredients. If you have an allergic reaction, wash off the product with water and call your doctor if symptoms don’t go away.

Because you don’t use preservatives, how do you keep the products fresh?

For all our products, we choose our ingredients very carefully in order to achieve optimal performance on many different levels. The products have a high concentration of natural anti-microbials contained in plants that improve skin purity and also maintain the integrity of the product. For example, rosemary, lavender, and prawn sage are excellent ingredients for supporting and rejuvenating the skin, but they are also effective natural preservatives. Olive oil is also a wonderful natural preservative, very rich in antioxidants. Some of our formula enjoy the purifying actions of probiotics.  Finally, we house the products in dark violet glass, which preserves the formulas and extends their shelf life. 

Some of your products contain linalool, citronellol, citral, geraniol, and limonene – can you explain these ingredients?

These ingredients are not added to our products — they are naturally contained in steam-extracted organic essential oils. They are listed among the ingredients in compliance with international regulations on the listing of cosmetic ingredients (INCI). While we carefully dose the essential oils in our formulas, these are natural allergens and may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We are serious about our "100% natural" concept. 100% natural, to us, means that our ingredients come *directly* from nature and are extracted only through our Ligurian farm-grown olive oil, organic soy glycerin, and through steam. 

Because of our commitment to nature and purity, the shelf life of our products can be shorter than most beauty products on the market. The reason is simple: our products are truly natural and do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Shelf life, unopened:
For oils, balms, scrubs - over 3 years
For serums, mists, dual action - 2 years

Shelf life, after opening (PAO):
For oils, balms, scrubs - 12 months
For serums, mists, dual action- 2 months

Do you test on animals?


Are your products vegan?

Oils, serums, dual action and mists are 100% vegan: they are made only from plants and fruits. 

Balms and scrubs are also made from plants and fruits but also contain ethically harvested organic beeswax and therefore they are vegetarian, but are not vegan. 

Are your products gluten-free?


Where do you source your ingredients?

We produce olive oil from our own olives, on our 500 year-old family farm. We personally tend to the cultivation of prawn sage and other key medicinal herbs. Many of the key medicinal herbs in our formulas grow wild on the uncontaminated land of our farm in Liguria (Italy). All harvesting is done without synthetic pesticides and without synthetic fertilizers.
All plant ingredients that do not come from our farm are sourced from Italian, EU or US farms that abide by our same strict rules and are certified organic. We carefully research and personally meet all ingredient providers. The certification for each ingredient for all products is specified on the ingredient list printed on the product box. All ingredients are 100% certified organic.

Where do you source your packaging?

Glass containers are made in Holland. The very dark yet natural violet glass is crucial for complete sunlight block, aiding the natural preservation of our 100% organic ingredients.

The paper for boxes and brochures is up-cycled from orange peel, while the 100% vegetable ink is made from soybeans.